Deb Lindsey for The Washington Post
Deb Lindsey for The Washington Post

It's not every day your brand gets mentioned on the website of one the most respected news organizations in the country!  Imagine our surprise when we came across this tempting taco recipe on the Washington Post posted last week that is made with none other than TortillaLand uncooked corn tortillas!

Last October, we announced we would give away an iPad Mini™ tablet (along with some pretty cool TortillaLand goodies) to 5 lucky winners in the TortillaLand® Brand Sweepstakes. By the time the Sweepstakes wrapped up December 15th, we had received more than 90,000 entries (whew!). We are happy to finally announce our 5 lucky winners!!

Hey, remember last year when we gave away 3 iPads to one lucky fan? 

2012 TortillaLand Winner Wendy Williams

September means the end of summer and the beginning of the school year (for most). We know that changing seasons and heading back to school can be hectic at times, so want to make things just a little easier for 1000 of our Facebook fans by giving them a free package of TortillaLand Flour or Corn tortillas!

The TortillaLand "Tortilla-Tunities Team" is sometimes so overcome with appreciation for our loyal fans that we want to do something special to thank them. Recently, randomly selected TortillaLand fans found a special surprise in the mail!


What's better than bringing home one package of simply delicious flour tortillas, or gluten-free corn tortillas? Bringing home 2 packages! When it comes to great things like TortillaLand tortillas, two is much better than one.

As announced on our Facebook page earlier this month, Wendy Williams, of La Mirada, California is the winner of the TortillaLand iPad Sweepstakes. Wendy is now the proud owner of 3 iPads; 1 for Wendy and 2 for friends with customized smart covers plus a sample pack of Flour and Corn TortillaLand tortillas and some beautiful cookware to make the tortillas up fresh.

We caught up with Wendy to ask how she felt about winning and what she was going to do with the winnings. Here’s what she had to say.

TortillaLand LOVES Oggi's Restaurant in San Diego's Mission Valley, California and guess what? Our friends at Oggi's restaurant have an EXCLUSIVE TortillaLand Offer!!

The holiday season is upon us, and imagine how much joy you would bring to 2 people when you surprise them with an iPad! Next month, 3 people are in for a very happy suprise when we announce the winner of the TortillaLand iPad Sweepstakes.  

One lucky person will receive an iPad for themselves and 2 to give to anyone they choose.   Excited?  

Mark your calendars Walmart shoppers!  You are in for a treat November 15 -21, 2012.  

Tortilla technicians will be in over 1,000 Walmart locations during those times to hand out TortillaLand coupons and samples of TortillaLand uncooked tortillas to anyone who wants to try them.  

That's right.  We’re hitting over 30+ states from California to Arkansas, from Texas to Alaska. Call it a "tortilla-tunity" for WalMart shoppers around the country! Try our delicious uncooked flour tortillas, and save with one of our coupons.

Last week we announced the "sequel" to our very very popular TRIPLE iPad Sweepstakes (ONE for you and 2 to give away). See our most recent video release and the debut of our unofficial TortillaLand mascot wearing his little red jersey, "Cocoa the Cat".  Who would you give 2 other iPads to?


Everybody loves a sequel, especially when it comes to great things like the TortillaLand iPad Sweepstakes we hosted last year. Just ask last year's Grand Prize winner Alyssa Morlan!

Ipad Giveaway


The response from our fans was so overwhelming, we decided to bring it back and give someone else a chance to win. That's right, TortillaLand is giving away THREE new iPads in the new TortillaLand iPad Sweepstakes!

¡Viva Mexico! ¡Viva!

Día de Independencia, National Mexican Independence Day, is Sunday September 16 and TortillaLand wants to honor the day by giving you a coupon for $1 off of any ONE 12 or 18 count package of TortillaLand uncooked flour tortillas through September 24, 2012.  

Think of all of the delicious recipes you can make to celebrate this important holiday! 


We know you love saving, so we are wrapping up summer the same way we kicked it off: with a $1.00 off coupon!

The demand for TortillaLand fresh uncooked tortillas has grown so fast that we have added our product to the refrigerated section in more locations and we want to celebrate by offering our fans a $1.00 off one package of any 12 or 18 count TortillaLand flour tortillas.

The demand for TortillaLand fresh tortillas is growing fast, and we're making them available at your favorite supermarket as quickly as we can.

TortillaLand is so grateful to the many people who tell us how much they love our fresh, uncooked tortillas. Although we can't thank you enough, we hope $1.00 off one package of any 12 or 18 count TortillaLand flour tortillas shows our good intentions.

In honor of one of our favorite holidays, we decided it would be fun to give away a Cinco de Mayo Party Package featuring cookware and coupons for 5 packages of TortillaLand uncooked flour tortillas to 5 TortillaLand fans!

Cooking Light readers know that a fresh flour tortilla with 5 simple ingredients is a good thing; now you can find our ad in the May 2012 issue on news stands everywhere!  Pick up a copy and you will find great Guacamole tips (next to the TortillaLand ad) and dozens of easy healthy recipes with a south-of-the-border flavor.

Cinco de Mayo is one of our favorite national holidays. We love the celebration of Mexican culture, music, festivities and of course- THE FOOD! You might say May 5 is kind of a big deal around here.

So, how do we make Cinco even sweeter? We give away 5 TortillaLand Cinco de Mayo Party Packages featuring fabulous kitchen cookware and 5 coupons good for free packages of our fresh uncooked flour tortillas!

In early March, TortillaLand decided to give away 1000+ coupons for FREE TortillaLand fresh, uncooked 12 count flour tortillas. The coupons were to be delivered by mail and one per customer. We let fans know about it on our Facebook page. 

We had no idea how long it would take to give away 1000+ coupons but were a little surprised it took less than 48 hours.

As we begin the new year, we extend a special note of thanks to bloggers across the country who graciously wrote about our fresh, uncooked tortillas last year. We are very grateful.

We also found there were more cooking blogger writing about TortillaLand than we could fit into one blog post. So, we've decided to thank and single out 12 at a time, or a dozen, or a 12-count package, one of our most popular sizes. Either way, our sincere thanks for spreading the word.


Everybody is on the look out for a good deal around the holidays, right? TortillaLand wants to thank our customers for a wonderful 2011 by sending you two - $1.00 for TortillaLand Tortillas (12-count or 18-count) along with a set of some of our favorite tortillas recipes that will fit right into your recipe box.

We are proud to announce the winner of the TortillaLand iPad Sweepstakes, the lucky person to receive this gift basket with 3 iPads, 1 for you and 2 for friends. Each with its own TortillaLand iPad Smart Cover plus a sample pack of flour, corn and wheat TortillaLand fresh, uncooked tortillas.


All good things must come to an end. Unfortunately, this applies to the TortillaLand iPad Sweepstakes. It ends Monday, October 31st. But the good news is we will be announcing the winner in early November. 


Have you entered yet? Could it be you?


TortillaLand, the fresh, uncooked tortillas, made from 5 simple incredients, is giving away 3 iPads - 1 for you and 2 for friends - to 1 lucky winnner in the TortillaLand iPads Sweepstakes.

Did you ever notice how the dimensions of an iPad and the TortillaLand package resemble one another?

After all, they are both flat and rectangular. So we thought what a great reason to have a sweepstakes!  Starting September 1 and going until October 31, you could win 3 iPads. 1 for you and 2 to give away.