As we begin the new year, we extend a special note of thanks to bloggers across the country who graciously wrote about our fresh, uncooked tortillas last year. We are very grateful.

We also found there were more cooking blogger writing about TortillaLand than we could fit into one blog post. So, we've decided to thank and single out 12 at a time, or a dozen, or a 12-count package, one of our most popular sizes. Either way, our sincere thanks for spreading the word.

Here's to 12 incredible cooking bloggers. Here also are their TortillaLand recipes that delight our tastebuds as well as our imaginations (just click on the link).

  1. BUSY WORKING MAMA for the "Easy Quesadilla"
  2. NUTMEG NANNY for the "Southern Style Pinto Beans"
  3. RECIPE OBSESSED for the "Pulled Pork, Pickle and Olive Quesadilla"
  4. STARTING TO COOK for the feature, "Cinco de Mayo Means...Tortillas" (gratefully ours)
  5. AGGIE'S KITCHEN for the "Cheese & Onion Enchiladas with Verde Sauce"
  6. DOUGHMESSTIC for the "Sweet Twist on Salsa"
  7. GIRLICHEF for the product review and the "Tinga de Pato y Papas"
  8. EATS WELL WITH OTHERS for the "Parsnip, Red Pepper and Ramp Burritos"
  9. CAN COOK, WILL TRAVEL for the "Blackened Tilapia Baja Tacos"
  10. KITCHEN CONFIDANTE for the 'Breakfast Tortilla Pie"
  11. MOTHER RIMMY for the "Cinco de Mayo Tortillas with Beef and Red Cabbage Salad"
  12. TRAVEL EAT LOVE for "Spinach Enchilada Pie"

If you don't know, we started our blog last year because we were inspired by these bloggers. 

Which of these great recipes will you be trying?

Thank you
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